Equipment Rails and Accessories

Nexxspan™ Equipment Rail System provides user-defined organization & system flexibility with limited cost and facility disruption. Our medical equipment management rail system effectively manages supplies without the use of carts or cabinets. The result is optimum access to equipment hospital medical personnel use regularly.

Fairfield Medical® – Rail Foundation

Nexxspan™ Healthcare’s history dates back to 1968 when the company was known as Fairfield Medical®, the market leader in equipment rail systems and adapters. Since that time, thousands of equipment rails have been installed nationwide.

Our Nexxt generation rails offer new and improved rail technology and accessories. In honor of our long standing history and commitment to our customers, these rails were designed to be compatible with the previous Fairfield rail system.


Medical Rail


  • Equipment can be easily moved without the need for construction
  • Personalized work flow
  • Inventory control initiatives easily adaptable
  • Mount equipment where needed – no tools needed

Easy Expansion

  • Simple medical gas expansion
  • Adaptable and expandable for future needs
  • Integrated architectural design
  • Accommodates overflow demands easily
  • Reduced construction and installation times and costs


  • Easy relocation of devices
  • Infection control equipment mounted where needed
  • Mass casualty applications to manage surge populations
  • Installation with minimal disruption

System Customization

  • Available in 1-10 foot increments
  • Light duty and heavy duty rails based on support structure
  • Custom color inserts to match location
  • Over 450 accessories
  • Compatibility adapter to attach existing accessories to rail


Specialty accessories that are intended to solve some of the other needs near the patient’s bedside are available.



Light duty rail – for use on equipment where a support structure is available
Heavy duty rail – for all other installations such as on walls

All rails feature a light grey laminate insert. Custom color inserts are available to match a facility’s decor. Rails can be ordered in any increment from 1 ft to 10 ft. Several types of adaptors are available to make existing equipment compatible with the Nexxspan rail system. Note: most existing Fairfield components may be transferable to new rail installations.

Gas Management

Our rail-based gas management solutions allow hospital rooms with inadequate gas supply to be brought up to code with minimal disruption and cost.

Infusion Management

These accessories are fully rail-compatible and permit IV poles and IV hangers to be placed almost anywhere near a patient.

Monitor Management

Brackets, shelves and articulated arms help users to place monitors where they can be seen and reached.

Waste Management

Waste and sharps containers can be strategically located.


Storage and presentation of diagnostic tools, disposables, gloves, tissues, supplies and other frequently-used items is always a problem in crowded patient rooms. Our assortment of shelves, baskets and specialty containers keep the patient area organized and neat.




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