The first equipment rail system was actually created by an Historyambulance driver who was trying to protect patients from unsecured medical equipment. Soon hospital personnel took notice and requested a similar system to manage equipment and accessories in the Emergency Department.


Fairfield Medical® Products was formed to further develop a rail system with adapters which would allow the clinical staff to easily manage all equipment in various clinical areas.


The company grew as it responded to the needs of clinicians, helping them create an efficient and effective work environment and enabling them to provide better patient care. During this time period, Fairfield Medical® Products became a part of Herman-Miller™. Eventually Fairfield Medical® Products was divested from Herman-Miller™ and later acquired by Medaes™. Shortly thereafter, Medaes™ along with the Fairfield Medical products became part of Hill-Rom™ through a strategic acquisition.


In 2001, newly formed Lifespan Healthcare emerged. The company provided Fairfield rails and accessories but now utilized newer technology to improve upon current products and to create new innovative solutions. In January 2014, under new company leadership and the expansion of new, advanced products, the company changed its name to Nexxspan™ Healthcare.


Today, the company is a recognized leader in creating and providing equipment management solutions to the medical community. The company, along with its expanding list of partners, is dedicated to providing the Nexxt generation of healthcare products designed to enhance the quality of life.


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