IV Transfer System

The Problem
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Because adverse events occur in up to 70% of patient transports, IV solutions are needed. The causes of these patient handling problems can range from manual lifting of heavy equipment to disconnection or entanglement of leads and IVs to trip hazards caused by a five star IV pole or other IV stand equipment.

The Solution: TAD™ IV Transfer System

The TAD™ IV Transfer System enables the safe and efficient transfer of pole mounted infusions and equipment between a wall or boom and a bed. A transfer device with pole, a bed adapter and a headwall or boom adapter make up the TAD™ transfer system with an optional mobile docking station.

To transfer the pole, simply position the TAD™ transfer system adapter over the cone, raise the bed until the transfer device simultaneously unlocks from one cone while securely locking to the adjacent cone. The patented safety interlock automatically secures the target without additional locks or levers to turn. Once attached to the patient bed, simply rotate the pole parallel to the patient. The pole fits within the footprint of the bed and keeps the floor space clear.

The TAD™ IV Transfer System eliminates the need for manual lifting of equipment, reduces the risk of equipment disconnection and promotes a safer patient transport.

“I would obviously recommend this system to any hospital.  It makes patient transport so easy.”  more

Michaela Harakal, RN, BSN
Intensive Care Unit Manager
Billings Clinic, MT


Improved Safety

  • Patented automatic safety lock
  • No additional poles or equipment on the floor
  • IV Pole docks and rotates within bed’s footprint
  • No manual lifting
  • Reduces adverse events during patient transport
  • Essential equipment located close to the patient

Streamlined and Efficient

  • Improved workflow
  • Transfer takes 15 seconds
  • One person operation
  • Simplified patient transport
  • No bed modifications needed

Intuitive & Easy to Use

  • Transfer pole by simply raising and lowering the bed
  • Automatically locks to adapters; no additional locks or levers to turn
  • Equipment can be oriented for easy monitoring during transport

 Promotes Infection Control

  • Designed to aid in infection control
  • Easy to clean – device can be removed for cleaning; no exposed screws or crevices


  • The TAD IV Transfer System includes a TAD transfer device with pole, a wall or boom adapter, and a bed adapter. Adapters can be attached to most beds without alterations.


  • Single or dual pole
  • Mobile Docking Station


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