Neonatal Headwall

Optimized NICU Design

The Matrixx-M Vertical Headwall was ergonomically designed to address the specific environmental needs of at risk newborns, families and the clinical staff that cares for them in the neonatal care unit. The purpose of the second generation Matrixx family system was to meet all applicable Neonatal Intensive Care design guidelines, as published in the Journal of Perinatology. Design elements of the Matrixx-M include various lighting options, sound control, ergonomics and essential service delivery.

The flexible design of the system allows neonatal equipment to be placed where it is most clinically appropriate for the newborn, family and staff.

Join us at the NICU Patient Experience Simulation Lab located at our office in Norcross, GA. The Simulation Lab was developed in conjunction with the Institute for Patient Centered Design in an effort to improve the environment of care. For more information go to the Institute for Patient Centered Design.

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Advances In Neonatal Care

Optimal NICU Design

  • Two levels of fully dimmable, ambient lighting
  • Sound absorption/deflection design and materials
  • Family-centered layout
  • Adjustable working height and reach
  • Bedside access for family

 Increased Flexibility & Adaptability

  • User-defined equipment organization
  • Adaptable environment for improved multi-birth management
  • Multiple rails and poles allow for easy equipment positioning and repositioning to meet newborn, nursing and family needs

 Easy Expandability

  • Medical gas expansion without construction
  • Blank outlets are available for future expansion
  • Equipment rails can be added to increase capacity

 Reduced Expense

  • Simplified rough-ins reduce the cost of installation
  • Expand without construction
  • Rearrange equipment and accessories without tools or construction


The previous (original) generation Matrixx headwall continues to be available for facilities wishing to expand their neonatal capabilities and who currently have Matrixx headwalls, or for facilities for which the original Matrixx headwall better meets their needs.

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