New Beacon Children’s Hospital Installs Matrixx-M™ Headwalls

New Beacon Children’s Hospital Installs Matrixx-M™ Headwall

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SOUTH BEND, IN – June 29, 2017 – The new Beacon Children’s Hospital, formerly Memorial Hospital, in South Bend, IN opened a new facility which includes a new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) featuring the Matrixx-M™ Headwall by Nexxspan™ Healthcare, LLC.  The hospital’s NICU provides private rooms for all patients, a newer concept for neonatal intensive care units.

Traditionally, NICU spaces have consisted of open bays which average six to eight incubators with limited space and privacy for families near the infant.  Newer NICU spaces provide single patient family rooms for these tiny infants equipped with a family area that includes a space for sleeping, lockable storage, reclining chair near the infant and in many cases a private bathroom.  By providing a more private space for these developing babies, families are encouraged to stay for longer periods of time and to become more actively involved in their child’s care, creating a better healing and developmental environment.  A private single family room is just one of the 27 physical environment standards recommended for the NICU.  The designers and hospital staff, led by Dr. Robert White, nationally known neonatologist and Director of the Regional Newborn program for Beacon Health, used these standards as the foundation for the development of their new NICU facility.

As Nexxspan Healthcare developed the Matrixx-M, the engineers also considered these recommendations in an effort to build an evidence-based headwall that would better promote infant healing.   The vertical headwall provides multiple gas, electrical, vacuum and data capabilities near the infant along with equipment rails which allow equipment to be placed where needed without cluttering the floor space or nearby areas.  As the child continues to improve, the equipment can be removed.  The Matrixx-M has a family side and a clinical side to help better promote a separate family space as well as fully dimmable ambient lighting with controls on both the family and clinical sides of the unit.  The sound deflecting design combined with the sound absorbing materials help noise levels stay at a minimum in the NICU.

“We are excited to see the new Beacon Children’s Hospital open.  We have enjoyed working with Dr. Robert White, as well as the hospital staff and designers, to provide the Matrixx-M in an effort to create a better healing environment for these tiny babies while providing a comfortable setting for their families.  We hope that by helping to provide an inviting space that encourages families to stay and actively participate in their child’s healing, that we will see better neonate patient outcomes”, commented Scott Stewart, President of Nexxspan Healthcare.

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Nexxspan™ Healthcare is an innovative leader in the design, assembly and distribution of medical equipment management solutions that improve patient outcomes and minimize risk while reducing costs to the facility.  Nexxspan’s product portfolio originally began with the Fairfield® Equipment Rail system and has now expanded to environment-centered headwalls and IV transfer systems.  Nexxspan™ Healthcare is a privately held company headquartered in Norcross, GA.  For more information please call 678-578-7840 or via the website,


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