Nexxspan™ Healthcare Announces the Reopening of the NICU Simulation Lab

Nexxspan™ Healthcare Announces the Reopening of the NICU Simulation Lab

Nexxspan13875 (1)NORCROSS, GA – July 20, 2015 – Nexxspan™ Healthcare, LLC announces the reopening of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) simulation lab at its facility in Norcross, GA. The NICU Simulation Lab was originally developed in cooperation with the Institute for Patient-Centered Design, Inc. and its sponsors, to create the ideal patient-centered, healing environment for at risk newborns. Since the original development, the simulation lab traveled to Orlando for display at the Healthcare Design Expo & Conference. The simulation lab has now been relocated to its permanent home at Nexxspan™ Healthcare in Norcross, GA.

The Institute holds an annual design competition for a particular space in the hospital. Designers from across the country and abroad are invited to submit ideas for the space. The winning design is selected and then produced into a full-scale simulation lab. In 2013, the focus was neonatal ICU and the winning design was modified and produced based on the environmental standards of the NICU as reported in the Journal of Perinatology. The simulation lab was produced through the collaboration of the Institute for Patient-Centered Design and industry leaders, which included the donation of equipment and materials.

The Institute for Patient-Centered Design as well as Nexxspan™ Healthcare encourage facilities to visit the simulation lab when considering building, updating or expanding their NICU facility. The simulation lab allows participants to navigate a full size model of a NICU space in the roles of patients, family members and clinicians.

About Institute for Patient-Centered Design

The Institute for Patient-Centered Design, Inc. was founded by Patients and Design Professionals with the purpose of giving patients a voice in the development of the healing environment. Healthcare providers, medical staff, and design teams spend countless hours defining the requirements of a healthcare facility. The Institute’s goal is to improve the environment of care by addressing the needs of patients through design. (

About Nexxspan™ Healthcare

Nexxspan™ Healthcare is an innovative leader in the design, assembly and distribution of medical equipment management solutions that improve patient outcomes and minimize risk while reducing costs to the facility. Nexxspan’s product portfolio originally began with the Fairfield® Equipment Rail system and has now expanded to environment-centered headwalls and IV transfer systems. Nexxspan™ Healthcare is a privately held company headquartered in Norcross, GA. For more information please call 678-578-7840.


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