Studies show that the physical environment of a Newborn ICU (NICU) can have a significant impact on developing newborns as well as impact to the families and caregivers who spend numerous hours a day caring for the at risk infant. Robert White, MD, Director of the Regional Newborn Program at Memorial Hospital in South Bend, IN, published the latest edition of Recommended Standards for Newborn ICU Design in the Journal of Perinatology in April 2013.

Nexxspan™ Healthcare developed our Matrixx family of headwalls to meet the very specific environmental needs of the NICU to enhance the wellbeing of newborns, families and the clinical staff that cares for them. In short, we sought achieve advances in neonatal care through our neonatal intensive care equipment.

Join us at the NICU Patient Experience Simulation Lab located at our office in Norcross, GA. The simulation lab was developed in conjunction with the Institute for Patient Centered Design in an effort to improve the environment of care. For more information go to the Institute for Patient Centered Design.

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