Phase 1 Installation of Nexxspan’s™ TAD™ IV Transfer System Completed at Travis Air Force Base

Phase 1 Installation of Nexxspan’s™ TAD™ IV Transfer System Completed at Travis Air Force Base

TRAVIS AFB, CA – August 21, 2015 – Nexxspan™ Healthcare, LLC completes the first phase of a four phase equipment installation at David Grant USAF Medical Center at Travis AFB. The TAD™ IV Transfer System is being installed in the facility’s cardiovascular intensive care unit (ICU) over the next few months to complete a four phase project.

The TAD™ IV Transfer System makes the transfer of an IV pole with pumps and bags quick and easy. The system was designed to provide a secure transfer of the IV pole between a patient’s bed and headwall or boom. To complete the transfer of the pole with pumps, the clinician simply raises and lowers the patient’s bed. The automatic safety lock engages during transfer and ensures that the pole is securely attached to the adapter without the need for levers, dials or manual locks. For patient transport, the IV pole is transferred to the bed and tucked within the footprint of the bed. The system remains above the mattress base, removing the risk of trip hazards often seen with other systems or transport methods.

“We are excited to complete the first of this multi-phase project at Travis Air Force Base and believe the TAD IV Transfer System will provide safer and more efficient patient transports,” commented Chad Langville, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Nexxspan™ Healthcare.

About Nexxspan™ Healthcare
Nexxspan™ Healthcare is an innovative leader in the design, assembly and distribution of medical equipment management solutions that improve patient outcomes and minimize risk while reducing costs to the facility. Nexxspan’s product portfolio originally began with the Fairfield® Equipment Rail system and has now expanded to environment-centered headwalls and IV transfer systems. Nexxspan™ Healthcare is a privately held company headquartered in Norcross, GA. For more information please call 678-578-7840 or via the website,

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  1. John Baldwin 1 year ago

    I was the project officer for the Air Force when David Grant was planned, programmed, designed and constructed from 1980 – 1987. Great to see the hospital is still going strong! Congrats on installing your IV Transfer System!

    John Baldwin
    USAF, Major, Retired
    VP, Health Facility Institute

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