Sibley Memorial Hospital Installs Nexxspan’s™ Matrixx™ in the NICU

Sibley Memorial Hospital Installs Nexxspan’s™ Matrixx™ in the NICU

WASHINGTON, DC – September 23, 2016 – Sibley Memorial Hospital opens a new state-of-the-art, 200 bed tower to include Nexxspan™ Healthcare’s (LLC) Matrixx™ vertical headwall in the newly opened Silberman Family Special Care Nursery within the Women’s and Infant’s services area.

The Matrixx™ vertical headwall is an evidence-based headwall design which meets the environmental recommendations of the NICU as published in the Journal of Perinatology for improved neonatal development.  The system meets various standards with regards to dimmable ambient lighting as well as sound deflecting and sound absorbing properties.  There are no exposed screw holes and the system is easy to clean to promote infection control.  The Matrixx™ enables the staff to create a unique clinical environment for each patient through the use of integrated equipment rails and poles with multiple gas and electrical outlets throughout the system.  Equipment can be placed and relocated to meet the unique needs of each patient or removed as the child’s health improves.  The system works well in an open-bay or single family patient room environment.

Scott Stewart, Managing Partner for Nexxspan Healthcare commented, “We are so happy to see Sibley Memorial open its new Special Care Nursery.  We think this addition is great for the hospital and we are happy to be a partner with them to provide the Matrixx™ headwalls to help create the optimal ergonomic environment for neonate development.”

About Nexxspan™ Healthcare

Nexxspan™ Healthcare is an innovative leader in the design, assembly and distribution of medical equipment management solutions that improve patient outcomes and minimize risk while reducing costs to the facility.  Nexxspan’s product portfolio originally began with the Fairfield® Equipment Rail system and has now expanded to environment-centered headwalls and IV transfer systems.  Nexxspan™ Healthcare is a privately held company headquartered in Norcross, GA.  For more information please call 678-578-7840 or via the website,


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